NT Hay Seed & Grain

Partners in NT Agriculture

NT HS&G was established in November 2020 to deliver agricultural contracting services and support the development and expansion of farming enterprises in the Northern Territory.  NT HS&G is an experienced and innovative team working on diverse but related agronomic and farming services.

About NT HS&G

We recognise the Northern Territory presents an opportunity for those in agriculture and related sectors to support and work in partnership to advance and diversify existing and emerging agricultural related industries and services.

We are excited to have established NT Hay Seed & Grain to expand contracting capability and support the development and expansion of farming enterprises in the Northern Territory, to create sustainable value and contribute the Territory’s success.

An innovative and experienced team, we’re working on diverse but related agronomic and farming services including:

  • Planting and harvesting
  • Post clearing and pre-cropping land preparation
  • Hay baling
  • Seed cleaning
  • Contract farming
  • Diversification of crops including; Black Sesame, Millet, Ginger and Hemp

Our team are up for a challenge and are committed to building strong relationships, learning and understanding how we can support our customers and the sector with innovation and out of the box thinking. 

Agile and flexible we are keen to work in true partnership to further develop the industry, explore opportunities and bring these to the market.


Our Vision

NT HS&G will establish and build a sustainable business that works effectively in partnership with all stakeholders, is solution focused and adds value to the NT Agricultural sector through the provision of high quality  consulting, contract farming services and innovation.

Our People

Small but dedicated, the NT HS&G Team is committed to developing a strong and highly valued business based on great relationships and proven success. Diverse skill sets and experiences are complemented by pragmatism, business acumen, flexibility and adaptability.

NT HS&G brings together the expertise of the Stanway brothers, Robert and Phil of WSB Distributors and Mic Jakobi of Central Onsite Services.

Local expertise and knowledge supported by partners with strong and long established experience in the agricultural sector.  We have the capability to supply and service a wide range of relevant plant and equipment to deliver to our customers needs and requirements.

Another first for WSB Distributors.